Lego Space Shuttle 10283

Unboxing: A look at LEGO’s NASA Space Shuttle Discovery model

With its new NASA Space Shuttle Discovery (10283) model, LEGO® brings the wonders of space back to its impressive universe. With a literal ship-full of authentic features, the 2,354 pieces give adult fans lots to explore while providing double the fun. In addition to the shuttle, this particular building set also allows you to build the legendary Hubble Space Telescope (HST).

Discovery, which first launched in 1991, flew more missions than any other space shuttle in Nasa’s history. With almost 6,000 orbits to its name, it helped to deploy the International Space Station as well as the HST. The Telescope itself was launched in collaboration with the European Space Agency and has captured images from over 5,000 galaxies—some from over 13.2 billion light years away!

Managing Editor Jason Gorber unboxes this nostalgic star of the LEGO® collection and gives us the lowdown on the “pickup truck for space”:

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