Video Game Inspired Paintings

Artist James Barnett has created a series of oil paintings based on popular video games, what he calls Fauxvism.  The paintings feature virtual locales from Half-Life 2, Team Fortress 2 and Fallout 3 to name a few, amazingly interpreted in the style of Les Fauves.  Barnett navigates the game world as an artist would in nature; finding a suitable vista to paint and works from there.  Below is a sample of Barnett’s work, the classic Team Fortress 2 map 2Fort.

James Barnett's 2fort Red Oil Painting

Barnett created the series as a response to what he saw as “3D games slavishly imitating real life“, something that games like Team Fortress 2 are now shying away from.  Personally, I would love to play a game that looked like the stuff Barnett has painted. Where are the video game Matisse and Derain art directors of our time?!

Check out James Barnett’s Offical Site to see his series of video game paintings.  Also, if you’re interested in having a favourite virtual landscape put to canvas he also takes commissions.

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