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No Clue - BTS

In Canada, comedian and actor Brent Butt needs very little introduction, but his first major starring role on the big screen looks to be the beginning of the beloved television star’s breakout.

After creating one of, if not THE most widely recognized Canadian sitcom of all time with Corner Gas, Butt continued to perform stand-up and dabbling in television with the short lived sitcom Hiccups. For his first feature film, however (directed by Canadian indie film mainstay and past collaborator Carl Bessai), the small town Saskatchewan native looks to explore something almost as close to his heart as comedy: his love for a great whodunit.

In No Clue (in Canadian cinemas this Friday), Butt takes the lead as affable, naive motormouth Leo Falloon, a purveyor of corporate branded knickknacks who pretends to be a private investigator after checking out a ringing phone in an office next to his. He agrees to help out a woman (played by Amy Smart) locate her missing brother. With no idea what he’s up against or how to begin investigating the disappearance, Leo gets caught up in a deadly game of corporate espionage tied to a video game developer that’s poised to lose millions. With a best friend (David Koechner) constantly trying to talk him out of pursuing the case and the woman who hired him not being all that she appears to be, Leo has no choice but to begin putting the pieces together and seeing the case through to its logical conclusion.

Butt sat down with us during a recent promotional stop in Toronto last month to talk about the film. Check out our video interview below!

No Clue hits theatres on March 7.

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