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Zatanna #9 Review

Zatanna #9 - Paul Dini, Cliff Chiang

Oh, how far this series has fallen. When the ongoing Zatanna title first debuted, it was great. The art was stunning, the storyline intriguing and fun, and I was excited to see where Paul Dini would go with the character. But after a couple great issues, I knew that there was trouble on the horizon. Reading the latest previews, I noticed a new artist coming on to the book, and worse still — because this type of stunt is usually a good indicator of declining quality — the fantastic Stephane Roux, who had been doing the interior pages, would continue, but only be providing the cover art.

I enjoy Paul Dini’s writing, so even when I saw that the pencil work had taken a dramatic downturn, I stayed with the title. The plotlines continued to be light-hearted and fun, while also tackling some of the darker, spookier corners of the DC Universe. Dini blends humour and horror incredibly well. However, I recently stopped recommending the comic, and started questioning if Zatanna was still even worth purchasing. Now after picking up issue #9 it is officially off my buy list.

The current storyline about a killer puppet has been predictable and lacklustre. The art is  weak and scratchy, definitely not Cliff Chiang’s best work. The one up-shot of Zatanna #9 is the back-up story by Adam Beechen and Jamal Ingle. I am not familiar with their previous works, but this story is funny and cute, with great art. A young Zatanna tale, it had me smiling from the first panel to the last. Not sure it could carry as a monthly title, but when Zatanna #10 arrives at the shop, I will be flipping to the back to see if there is another story from them. However, the series is definitely no longer purchase worthy to me.

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