112 Weddings Review

112 Weddings

112 Weddings is misleading in a number of ways, none of them favourable.

A personal experiment from documentarian and long time wedding videographer  Doug Block, 112 Weddings doesn’t examine that many matrimonial ceremonies. It’s just the total career count of wedding videos Block has been commissioned to make as of the filming of this movie. He catches up with former clients to see how their marriage is going, interspersing footage from his original ceremonial tapings.

Made atop a rickety scaffolding comprised of a goofy score and pointless voiceover moments that allude to questions that are never even really asked let alone investigated, the film is mostly unintelligible when it comes to broaching actual marital issues.

Every now and again there’s a kernel of something in an interview that might have the potential lead to an intriguing examination (a child with a disease, a partner with depression), but Block doesn’t pursue any of these in favour if simply slapping footage together in seemingly arbitrary order. In the end, void of many likable subjects, a clear thesis, or any sense of style, 112 Weddings comes off as a vain waste of time.


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