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4 Best Deliciously Brilliant Food Films

Looking for films that are both delicious and will entertain you? Here are some of the best food films to satisfy your hunger for good movies.


This 2007 Disney film is one of the most charming pictures that has come from the company in recent years. Set in Paris, the film focuses on Remy, a small rat with a large dream – of becoming a chef – who finds himself in the sewers of one of Paris’ finest restaurants and realizes that his dream might be more achievable than he originally thought. This film will put you in a great mood and definitely have you craving French cuisine and possibly a trip to the City of Light to follow in his footsteps – well, paw-steps. Oh, and maybe a trip to a fancy restaurant will be on the cards, too!

Julie and Julia

Image via: flickr.com – Soufflé au Grand Marnier

This delightful film starring Meryl Streep and Amy Adams received a number of awards and nominations, including Oscars, Golden Globes, and BAFTAs, for a reason. This film is heart-warming to its very core and every scene is beautifully constructed with wit, beauty, and easy grace. The plot splits between following Julia Child learning to cook in Paris and becoming one of the finest chefs the world has ever seen, and Julie, a young woman who is a cooking fanatic and takes on the challenge of cooking every recipe in her Julia Child book in under a year, all the while blogging about it from her home in Queens. If anything is going to make you want to become a chef, it’s this film. It’s funny, well-crafted and the distant but intimate relationship between the two titular women is told exquisitely. Not only that, the food they cook looks amazing, and will have you wanting to get the cook books out yourself.


The Harry Potter Franchise

So, technically these movies aren’t about food, but the ‘feast’ scenes will have your stomach rumbling. The gigantic, mouth-watering buffet-style meals that the students share look rich and extravagant and will leave most of us wanting to rustle something up to satisfy our cravings. And with the charming British-ness of these films, you wouldn’t go far wrong by having UK classics like fish and chips or even a curry. You could try and make these feasts yourself, but most of us will probably give in and order online from somewhere like Deliveroo, so we don’t have to go hungry during these classical and ever-nostalgic pieces of cinema.

The Lunchbox

This bittersweet romantic film from Indian director Ritesh Batra was a complete sensation from its release in 2013. It focuses on the strange friendship that blossoms from a note in a lunchbox that is accidentally sent from a lonely housewife to a grumpy widower rather than her husband, for whom it was intended. It is charming in the way that large-scale blockbusters cannot be and the importance that is put on a small meal that most of us consider unimportant will have you wanting to cook special meals for your significant other every day. Featuring Irrfan Khan, one of India’s best actors, it is well worth looking into.

Whichever you choose, make sure to bring some snacks with you, because you’ll need something to sink your teeth into whilst watching these mouth-watering movies.