5 Things to Look Forward to at Gamercamp

After six amazing years, it’s finally time to say goodbye. The sixth and final Gamercamp kicks off this Friday at 9:30am at Hotel Ocho in Toronto, and while it won’t be back in 2015, there’s still plenty going on before the festival drifts into the sunset. Here are some of the things to look forward to at Gamercamp Level 6:

Snow in October



Friday begins at 9:30am with the Interactive and Games Conference featuring 18 industry talks addressing a variety of subjects. French developers Emeric Thoa (Game Bakers) and Nadim Haddad (Pastagames) will be on hand to discuss the lessons they’ve learned from the French development scene, while Ubisoft’s Brie Code (Lead Programmer on Child of Light) will be giving a talk titled “What do Women Want?”

Also of note: the creator, director, and one of the stars of the upcoming film Snow will be hosting a panel to talk about the film, which debuts on October 27th. The film – set and shot in Toronto – is based on Benjamin Rivers’ graphic novel of the same name. The team will be discussing the journey from the page to the screen, a creative process that has taken place entirely in Toronto.

Lunch is included with your ticket, so plan to make a day of it if you do decide to attend.

A Fond Farewell


The Gamercamp Farewell Party is paradoxically scheduled for the first night of Gamercamp Level 6 (it’s technically an Opening/Farewell Party), but it’s still a gala you won’t want to miss. The festivities kick off at 8pm with a carnival theme that includes skeeball (and who knows what else). It’s a great chance to grab a drink and mingle with guests and local Toronto luminaries, so stop by to help give Gamercamp the sendoff it deserves.

Spacebro Justice Rocket Explodes

Spacebro Justice Rocket
Spacebro Justice Rocket


If you come for the Farewell Party, then be sure to return the next day for the Pop-Up Arcade, the primary attraction for the weekend. The arcade will feature more than 40 games developed by studios from around the world, giving attendees an opportunity to get their hands on some truly unique gaming experiences.

Highlights for 2014 include Spacebro Justice Rocket, in which players wear custom gloves and battle aliens with fist bumps and high fives, and Mouffe, a game projected on the ceiling of a tent and controlled with an interactive quilt. Meanwhile, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is a tribute to 1990s action tropes that forces you do defuse a bomb while wearing an Oculus Rift.

There will also be plenty of more conventional titles, including Axiom Verge and Night in the Woods for the PS4 and Knight Squad and Sunset Overdrive for the Xbox One. The arcade runs throughout Saturday and Sunday (sessions start at 11am), and there’s sure to be something for fans of every persuasion.

Go Local


Some of Toronto’s best local developers will round out the lineup at the Pop-Up Arcade. Knight and Damsel and Shoot Shoot Mega Pack will be appearing in Toronto one week after making a splash at Indiecade, as will N++, which took home the Special Recognition Award during the California showcase. Though developed locally, all three have generated international acclaim, joining a long list of similarly pedigreed Toronto titles.

It’s an opportunity to get your hands on the next wave of Toronto hits, as well as a reminder that the city’s domestic game output ranks amongst the best in the world. At Gamercamp, you don’t have to sacrifice quality if you decide to keep it local.

A Trivial Pursuit

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes
Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes


The final day of Gamercamp concludes with an evening of Retro Video Game Trivia. Hosted by Terrance Belazo, the free event begins at 8pm and invites teams and individuals to match wits in a battle for trivial supremacy. If you’ve ever been to a trivia night you should know what you’re getting yourself into. The retrospective evening should serve a fitting conclusion to Gamercamp, an event that has always celebrated the power and appeal of play and video games.

Refreshments will be available to all participants. Prizes will only be available to the winners.


Gamercamp runs from Friday, October 16 to Sunday, October 19 at Hotel Ocho (195 Spadina Ave., Toronto). Ticket prices vary depending on the events you plan on attending. Find out more at gamercamp.ca.