Orion Pictures Is Set to Develop a Film Based on the Momo Hoax

Will Momo break the creepypasta movie curse?

It seems like every year or so, a new film based on an internet horror story gets released — and they tend to suck. In 2018, Sylvain White directed a feature film about the creepypasta sensation Slender Man. The movie bombed with critics and audiences alike, with many calling out its jump scare technique.

And like clockwork, another creepy urban myth sprung up this past year and proceeded to take the internet by storm. Known as the “Momo Challenge,” the disturbing phenomenon involved people (typically children) receiving threatening messages on WhatsApp, along with a frightening image of a woman, demanding them to perform dangerous acts, including suicide.

Thanks to a brand new report from Deadline, we are now learning that Orion Pictures, who recently distributed the hit horror movie Child’s Play, will be developing a feature film about the fictional character Momo.

While details on the film are still scarce, we do know that Orion Pictures is partnering with Vertigo Entertainment and Taka Ichise (the producer behind classic horror flicks like The Ring and The Grudge). The film will focus on Momo and her potentially lethal challenges. One look at Momo’s viral image and you get why the character has become nightmare fuel to an entire generation.


And in case you were on the fence about whether the phenomenon was real, the Momo scare has officially been debunked. Momo’s image was taken from a sculpture created by a Japanese artist named Keisuke Aisawa for a Tokyo art gallery exhibit in 2016.