A Canadian Figure Skater Set His Routine to the Cowboy Bebop Theme Song

Well, this is awesome.

Kevin Reynolds is a 25-year-old figure skater from Vancouver with a history of selecting nerdy theme songs for his routines – previous choices include The Legend of Zelda and Chrono Trigger – but the former Sochi Olympian topped himself during the short program at this month’s Canadian Tire National Skating Championships. (No, I was not aware that we had a Canadian Tire National Skating Championship.) The skater took the ice dressed as Cowboy Bebop‘s Spike Spiegel before performing a routine set to Yoko Kanno’s “Tank!”, the iconic theme song from the beloved anime. Despite a fall, his effort was good enough for a 77.65 score and third place on the cards.

Then again, the score doesn’t really matter when you look as effortlessly cool as Reynolds does in this video. He’s able to recreate Spike’s casual demeanor as well as one possibly can while on figure skates, and if anything, the fall just makes the routine more thematically impressive. Reynolds is just as unflappable as Spike, finding a way to improvise and come out ahead even (perhaps especially) when things are going wrong.

via io9



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