Art-O-Bot: Oeming, Manupul, and Reilly

What is Art-O-Bot? Quite simply they’re a series of profiles of comic book artists, our way of helping you discover new and talented local artists, as well as highlighting the great work being done by established artists.

Any comic artist qualifies, though we hope to focus on artists in Toronto and Canada.  We’ll do our best to keep it that way, but great art must be seen no matter what the country of origin.

In this inaugural post, we feature Michael Avon Oeming, Francis Manupul and Rob Reilly.

Michael Avon Oeming


Comic creator and artist Michael Avon Oeming

First up is Powers co-creator and artist on the upcoming Rapture from Dark Horse Comics, Michael Avon Oeming. Mike has a hefty catalogue of work to enjoy. Not limited to pencils and inks, Mike’s writing work is also quite vast including a legendary run on Thor, and re-launch of Canada’s premiere superhero team Omega Flight. Mike doesn’t just work on Marvel books, he’s also working on DC’s The Spirit #30. Dark Horse will be launching Rapture, a creator-owned title made with Taki Soma, and of course Mike’s Mice Templar book with writer Bryan J. Glass should not be missed. Check out his official site. Mike also posts over on the Jinxworld Forums.

Francis Manapul

Comic artist Francis Manapul

Local Toronto artist Francis Manapul is by no means new to the comics game. He recently signed an exclusive contract with DC Comics that has garnered him a lot of attention. His covers will soon take over the DC Universe and his upcoming Adventure Comics run with Geoff Johns is highly anticipated.  Check out Manapul’s official blog to see his some of his art and pictures of his process.

Rob Reilly: Comic Artist Extraordinaire

Rob Reilly


If you see the incredibly talented Rob Reilly in artist alley at a con be sure to talk to him and get a sketch: they are fantastic and he’s a hell of a guy.  Rob’s art is not the only reason to visit his blog, his take on comic book conventions is worthwhile too. Keep an eye out for Rob, let your friends know, and when he breaks big you can say you were with him on the ground floors (thanks to Dork Shelf, of course).

If you are a local artist or have any artists you think we should check out let us know: email

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