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Batgirl #17 Review

Batgirl #17 - Damien Wayne and Alfred

If you like to smile and feel good, this is the comic for you. If all you want is gritty and grim characters… read this issue, and see what a smile feels like on your face.

I am an old-school Batgirl fan. If she isn’t Barbara Gordon, I don’t really care. I didn’t care for Cassandra Cain, and I certainly didn’t care about Stephanie Brown stepping into the role. I read the first few issues of the new series so that I could have an informed opinion if someone asked me about the title at the store, but that is it. So why did I read Batgirl #17?

DC Comics have started using a dramatic logo/cover design to highlight a number of their titles, and are pitching certain issues as a good jumping-in point for new readers. So, I have recently started picking up and reading through comics that I wouldn’t normally follow on a monthly basis.

Comics like Batgirl. This book was a great read: fun, lighthearted, with a dash of action, and a heap of witty dialogue, I was still smiling an hour after I put down the comic. Written by Bryan Q. Miller, with art by Pere Perez, I don’t know either of the creative team, but that is okay. This comic stands on the quality of the material inside and not the ‘branding’ of the creative team.


What made this particular comic stand out and so enjoyable is just how well Damien Wayne (Robin) is portrayed. Too often I find his character grating, annoying, or just a poorly portrayed plot device. In this issue of Batgirl, you get a better sense of who he really is. And the dynamic between him and Batgirl is hilarious. I am not sure if I will buy the next issue of Batgirl, but I am glad I read this one. Reminded me of how fun and innocent comics can still be.

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