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Batman and Robin #20 Review

Batman and Robin #20

Spinning out of the events of Battle for the Cowl, is the debut of the new Dynamic Duo of Dick Grayson and Damien Wayne. I thoroughly enjoyed the new Batman and Robin series at first, but found my interest waning during the second story arc. By issue #13, I had dropped the title from my buy list, in part from sheer Bat burn-out as the Return of Bruce Wayne and its tie-ins flooded the new arrivals rack. Also, while this series seemed to offer unique clues to the mystery of Bruce’s return, the plot just did not deliver. So, other than a quick browse to glean what I needed to know about the main event, I was finished with this title.

That is, until I saw the previews for the latest issue tucked at the end of all the major DC comics this week. With a new creative team on board – Green Lantern Corps’ Peter J. Tomasi, and Patrick Gleason, the few pages shown are a great hook. An angel fallen to earth, lying shattered and bleeding at the feet of an astonished crowd. I bought the book, and I am definitely into the three issue Dark Knight, White Knight arc.

Tomasi really draws out the best possible elements of this title. I often enjoy Damien (unlike some others), but only when he is being written right. Damien works best when he can play off another more ‘straight-laced’ and humouring character. This is what makes him the perfect foil for Dick Grayson’s Batman. If Robin is usually meant to be the bright, comic foil for the grim Dark Knight, Damien showcases just how Grayson isn’t the same Batman that Bruce was.

A visually stunning comic, with a riveting new mystery, equals a Batman book I will definitely be buying again!


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