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Big Love Returns Tonight

Big Love - Chloe Sevigny, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Bill Paxton, Ginnifer Goodwin

Everyone’s favourite polygamist family is back y’all! The fifth and final season of Big Love starts tonight at 9pm on HBO and it promises to be bigger than ever. It’s like TLC’s Sister Wives, except more dramatic and everyone is better looking.

Last season ended with Bill being elected a Utah state senator and publicly coming out as a polygamist. Now the Hendricksons are learning that a secret life was a lot easier to live than an open one. While Bill tries to gain a little respect at the Capitol, Barb turns to drinking, Nikki takes her raging bitch act to a whole new level and Margene reveals a long-kept secret that dates back to her entrance into the marriage. Facing hostility and judgement on all sides, the wives are finding it harder than ever to keep it together and the family is teetering on the brink of implosion. Oh yeah, and the Juniper Creek cult leader Albie is back with a vengeance that makes Jim Jones look like a summer camp counsellor.

If you’re one of the many who have never seen this awesome show, you really ought to go back and watch it. Four seasons are a pretty big commitment, so if you’re short on time feel free to just start at Season 3 when things start to get really good. It’s smart of HBO to end it now rather than to cancel it suddenly because this is a show that deserves a satisfying ending, which it will most certainly have.

So if you like batshit crazy wives, creepy cults and Bump-It hairstyles, this show is for you. All hail the Prophet!


Season 5 of Big Love premieres tonight at 9:00PM on HBO Canada and HBO.