Blood in the Snow 2014: Ejecta Review


Ejecta tries to be a found footage science fiction yarn, but with lazy writing and wonky direction, it doesn’t provide any satisfying payoffs.

On the eve of an historic cosmic event, two men witness the unthinkable: the crash landing of an alien spacecraft. What starts as a fantastic event soon turns into a fight for survival as the mysterious creature from inside the ship has them on the run. Meanwhile, a mysterious government agency will stop at nothing to make sure that the proof of existence of life in our galaxy never gets out to the public.

Director’s Chad Archibald and Matt Wiele are effective enough genre craftsman, but the narrative never provides genuine dread or interest. It ends up extending to the direction once characters end up running away from random noises and the lights shutting off gets trotted out for cheap spooks.


That can work if the script is tight, engaging, and packed with action, but it doesn’t work when there’s no character development or reason to care about what’s happening. They’re also annoyingly going out of their way to swear quite a bit in order to falsely create the sense that something is actually happening.  Throwing in words like “shit, “fuck” and “piss” with no purpose, to just feel edgy is beyond lazy, and coming from a writer like Tony Burgess (the man behind Pontypool and Septic Man), it reeks of someone giving up on their own material.

Ejecta looks better than it should considering the micro budgets that the team from Foresight Features is working with (they’re always good at making the most out of the least), but this is flat, stale and uninspired. (Dave Voigt)


Saturday, November 29th, Carlton Cinemas, 7:00pm


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