Christopher Nolan to Godfather Superman Pre-Production

Deadline Hollywood is reporting that miracle-working director Christoper Nolan (The Dark Knight, Inception) is set to take a “godfather” role for pre-production work on the upcoming Superman reboot. Talks about bringing the Man of Steel back on the big screen have ramped up recently, with the news about Nolan just coming today. Warner Bros. plans to abandon Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns storyline (which itself was a continuation of the storyline from the original Superman films) and totally reboot the franchise; new actors would be cast.  While there are no tentative plans for Nolan to direct the film, DC has certainly lent some credibility to the new Superman film by putting him in this executive position.

Nolan is at the top of his game coming off The Dark Knight, it’s awesome that he’s involved with the new Superman movie. With Nolan’s brother Jonah and David Goyer allegedly hard at work on the script for The Dark Knight follow-up and Martin Campbell’s Green Lantern already in production it looks like were in for some great stuff from Warner Bros. and DC Comics.  Makes you wonder if DC wants to follow the Marvel formula and start building a cohesive universe for all of their films. Clark Kent is set to appear in the upcoming Green Lantern film, so they may have already planned to have the actor selected as the new Man of Steel debut in that film first.

Via Deadline Hollywood

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