Christopher Nolan

comPOSERS Episode 33: Dunkirk

On this week's episode, we commemorate Remembrance Day by discussing Hans Zimmer's score for the epic World War 2 film, Dunkirk, directed by Christopher Nolan.

Home Entertainment: Interstellar Review

Interstellar is certainly an impressive cinematic achievement on the biggest possible scale, just far from a perfect film. The highly visual film has been given top notch treatment for this showcase Blu-ray.

Home Entertainment Review: Insomnia (1997)

  Insomnia (Erik Skjoldbjaerg, 1997) – Though sadly overshadowed by the Al Pacino and Christopher Nolan American remake, Erik Skjoldbjaerg’s Insomnia remains one of the greatest thrillers of the 90s. While Skjoldbjaerg never quite managed to deliver an adequate follow up, his directorial debut was one of the most striking of his era. It’s a […]