Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes Blu-ray Contest


Time travel and reality altering paradoxes have long been a staple of big budget sci-fi movies. From Back to the Future to TENET, Hollywood loves a good time travel tale. But rarely has this well worn science fiction trope been so inventively and hilariously depicted as in director Junta Yamaguchi’s mind-bending, one-take time travel comedy Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes.

Picture this: You go home after a long day of work, sit down to relax, and turn on the television only to be greeted by yourself… sort of. This version of yourself is from two minutes in the future and is just as confused as you by this whole situation. And before you know it all of your coworkers, your crush, and even the local criminal gang get involved. That’s the premise of Beyond the Infinite 2 Minutes, Yamaguchi’s directorial debut, and things only get weirder from there on out. Did we mention the movie was also filmed in one incredibly long take?

The film, which finally arrives on Blu-ray and VOD on January 25th, won raves at Montreal’s Fantasia International Film Festival. Read our own Rachel Ho’s review that calls Beyond the Infinite Two Minutesinventive, clever, and hilarious [and] takes the time loop trope to another level.” In fact, we like the movie so much, that we want to give away of copy of the Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes Blu-ray to one lucky reader, courtesy of IndieCan Entertainment!

Watch the trailer for Beyond the Infinite 2 Minutes and find contest details below:

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Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes arrives on Blu-ray and VOD on January 25th