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Deadpool & Cable #26 Review

Deadpool & Cable #26

This book is hilarious. The series continues to be a wonderful send-up of the Marvel Universe, while having more action in each issue than all the Wolverine titles combined. The dialogue, or should I say, ‘internal narration’, is fantastically crafted. It transforms this title from being violence-for-sales-sake into a fun, slightly crazy, and witty read.

Written by Duane Swierczynski, with art by Leandro Fernandez, Deadpool & Cable #26 is really the Deadpool title relabelled. This was done in order to remind older readers of the earlier Cable & Deadpool (back when Cable was the ‘hot’ character in the team up) series. If anything the title is more of a plot joke than a marketing plan. With the massive glut of Deadpool titles on shelves these days, it can be tough to decide if any of them are worth picking up. I haven’t been following them all, but this, the first of the “Wade Wave”, has not lost any of its quality or hilarity since the first issue.

The real trick of this comic is turning these absolutely horrifying action sequences – scenes reminiscent of Inglourious Basterds – into laugh out loud moments. This comic has you rooting for a crazy, sociopath mass murderer, who even at his best is a well-intentioned nut bar on a killing spree. Swierczynski’s writing, and specifically Deadpool’s multiple internal dialogues, makes this okay somehow. The book is so completely bizarre, wacky, and well written that it’s comic gold!

At dramatic climax of X-Men: Second Coming, Cable sacrificed himself to return X-Force to the present. In an industry that takes such events, and deaths, way too seriously, this issue’s approach is a breath of fresh air and a lot of laughs.


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