Epic Mickey
Cinematic Trailer

Disney Interactive recently unveiled the intro cinematic for the upcoming Epic Mickey video game. The game is being developed by respected game designer Warren Spector (Sytem Shock, Deus Ex) and his Junction Point Studios.

Epic Mickey puts the player in the role of Disney’s most famous creation: Mickey Mouse. Everyone’s favourite cartoon rodent is thrust into the world of Wasteland, a place where all of the studio’s rejected creations reside. One such creation is Walt Disney’s first and yet least cherished chracter—Oswald the Lucky Rabbit—who acts as the game’s primary antagonist.

I recently had a chance to spend nearly an hour with Epic Mickey and was incredibly impressed by the game. It combines the 3D platforming of a Super Mario Galaxy-style game with the moral quandries and puzzles of a game like Deus Ex. Add to that the stellar paint/paint-thinner mechanic—which allows Mickey to paint or erase the world around him—and you have a truly unique gameplay experience. Mickey’s paint brush can be used to erase enemies (Roger Rabbit style), create doors and bridges, uncover secrets and more. Gameplay aside, Epic Mickey is also easily one of the most visually breathtaking games ever created for the Wii. Check back for a full preview of the game closer to the release date.

Disney Epic Mickey is set to be released on September 16th, 2010.