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Duke Nukem Forever Release Date(!?)

Duke Nukem Forever - Box Art

For more than ten hilarious years, Duke Nukem Forever has been to game nerds a most marvelous on-going joke of a game, so fabled and so outdated that many wondered if it would only ever exist in alternative dimensions where dinosaurs lived on and you have a beard/don’t have a beard. However, earlier today we discovered that this most cherished gag may come to an end earlier than we think.

Of course, 3DRealms, the original studio, are long since gone since that’s what happens when you don’t release things for extended periods of time. Now being handled by Gearbox, makers of Borderlands and Half-Life expansions, the Forever of forever’s time may hit shelves as early as May 3rd of this year. If all things go well, of course, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves on this one. To accompany the announcement, the first official trailer has dropped on YouTube, with plenty of cigars, sports cars, school girls, strippers and Halo pastiche to pass around to the whole class. And that’s about all I can decipher, since the computer I’m on doesn’t have sound so I could be missing a lot. Actually, you know what? I am probably not missing much.

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