EcoComics: The Economics of a World with Superheroes

Wolverine just after escaping from the Weapon X Program

EcoComics is a hilarious blog that applies real world economic and political science theories to the universes of Marvel and DC Comics.  The site discusses what the economic realities of a world full of superheroes and villains would be.  Among the topics discussed are how the recession is affecting comic book characters and the propensity for deranged behaviour afflicting nearly all comic book millionaires.  Other topics, like supernatural disaster insurance and labour union relations on New Krypton are also discussed at great length.

My personal favourite would have to be ‘Where Does the Canadian Government Get the Money to Keep Making Super-Soldiers?‘.  Here’s a sample,

In the Marvel Universe, Canada is responsible for creating some of the most deadly super-soldiers in history. Wolverine, Sabretooth, Deadpool, Kane, and Agent Zero were all deadly assassins who were empowered by Canada’s Weapon X program. This secret division of the Canadian government went to great expense to create nearly unstoppable weapons (and in almost all cases, allow them to escape shortly thereafter). This gives rise to a single question: WHY?

What threat was Canada so afraid of that the government felt the need to constantly produce human death machines?

“Holy Crap, Quebec is getting uppity again, let’s coat another mutant in adamantium!”

One explanation is that Canada needed its own meta-human defenders. This was, of course, the reason why Canada’s own Alpha Flight was formed.

If you enjoy politics/economics and comic books EcoComics is definitely worth the read.  Personally, I’d like to read about how economic sanctions against Latveria have adversely effected the government and economy of Doctor Doom’s Eastern European dictatorship.

Thanks to Alasdair for the link.


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