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Long Winter
Light Fires

The brainchild of the hardcore art-punk band Fucked Up, Long Winter celebrates music, art and everything in between by cramming as much culture as will fit into the multi-room hydra that is The Great Hall in Toronto’s West Queen West district.

The third installment took place last Friday, and included a special presentation by the Hand Eye Society, which curated the made-in-Toronto video games Dyad (Shawn McGrath, Right Square Bracket Left Square Bracket Games) and They Bleed Pixels (Miguel Sternberg, Spooky Squid Games) for the public to play.

DJ Finish Him (Shaun Hatton), creator of the They Bleed Pixels soundtrack, was also on hand for a live set featuring the Pianocade, which is what you’d get if you cannibalized a bunch of arcade machines and tried to make a synthesizer out of the parts.

Video games aside, the night was chock full of entertainment, including two rooms’ worth of concert sets from the likes of Buck 65, Light Fires and Vag Halen, and a generous assortment of art installations.


If you missed all the excitement (and the friendly but intense crowds!), you have one more chance: the last Long Winter of the year is February 8. If the profanity-bedecked duo of Fucked Up and Holy Fuck aren’t enough to convince you, the Hand Eye Society will also be back for an encore presentation with two more music-oriented games.

Here’s a tease of what went down on Friday night. For the full photo gallery, head over to the Dork Shelf Facebook page. (Photos also by Wesley Fok.)

Long Winter - Shaun Hatton
DJ Finish Him (Shaun Hatton) on the Pianocade.
Long Winter
Playing They Bleed Pixels (Spooky Squid Games).
Long Winter
Toronto duo Moon King.
Long Winter
Checking out Dyad (Right Square Bracket Left Square Bracket Games).
Long Winter
All-female cover band Vag Halen.
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