Hot Docs 2014: Love & Engineering Review

Love and Engineering

Love & Engineering

Love, Factually

Atanas, a married Bulgarian engineer living in Finland, is convinced he can find a perfect mate via a computer hack.  Working under the premise that love is something to be “hacked” he sets out with his engineer friends trying to help them find love. Throughout the entire process of their experiments, they learn a lot more about themselves through their theories and controlled experiments than they do about the outside world.

I don’t know if the filmmakers set out to do this, but Love & Engineering uniquely and almost perfectly disproves the theory that it outlines in the beginning.  Director Tonislav Hristov sets out the dynamics with a fair amount of care, showing his subjects a love and consideration despite the ridiculousness of the experiment.  When real emotions and feelings break in through the nerdery, the real magic happens as these social misfits have to put their feeling out there for potentially the first times in their lives.


If anything, Love & Engineering shows quite wonderfully how you can’t quantify or genuinely explain the process of love and the only experiment that has ever worked, is simply opening yourself up to the possibilities that it holds. (Dave Voigt)


Thursday, May 1st, Scotiabank 3, 9:00pm

Friday, May 2nd, TIFF Bell Lightbox 2, 8:30pm


Sunday, May 4th, The Revue, 1:30pm