Indiecan Entertainment Launches Genre-Focused Distribution Label “Red Water Entertainment”

Veteran producer Avi Federgreen’s Indiecan Entertainment will launch a new distribution arm called Red Water Entertainment.

Red Water Entertainment will focus on bringing audiences high-quality genre cinema from around the globe. Federgreen will serve as CEO, aided by Indiecan Acquisitions and Operations Advisor Justin McConnell and Indiecan’s existing acquisitions and support team.

Speaking with Deadline, Federgreen said, “There’s a lot of wonderful genre cinema that never sees the light of day in North America, and I’m excited to help some of these films find the audiences they deserve.”

Red Water Entertainment’s launch lineup includes six titles releasing late this year.


The Guest Room (aka The Room) — Stefano Lodovichi (Italy)
The Guest Room follows Stella, who decides to take her own life, until a stranger knocks at her door claiming the guest room he booked for the night. Surprised but charmed by the man, who seems to know her, she decides to let him in. But when Sandro, the man who broke her heart, joins them at home, the situation immediately turns into chaos.

The Sleep Experiment — John Farrelly (Ireland)
The Sleep Experiment sees two detectives begin an investigation into a disastrous secret military experiment where five prisoners were kept awake for 30 days in a sealed gas chamber.

Shadows — Carlo Lavagna (Italy/Ireland)
Shadows follows teenage sisters Alma (Mia Threapleton) and Alex (Lola Petticrew) live in an old, abandoned hotel together with their strict Mother (Saskia Reeves), who shields them from outside dangers. As time passes, a new awareness dawns on the two girls, pressing them into breaking the rules and the apparent balance of their life, bringing a disturbing secret to light.

Kratt — Rasmus Merivoo (Estonia)
Kratt follows two city kids, who find an instruction on how to build a devilish creature when left at their granny’s home, while Back to the Wharf tells the story of a a man guilted by his teenage crime spree who returns to his hometown only to find the truth about his unspeakable past.


Back to the Wharf — Xiaofeng Li’s Back (China)
An escaped convict for negligent homicide returned to hometown after 15 years, only to be haunted by his past, and got mixed up in a scheme involving the daughter of his victim.

The Curse of the Willow Song — Karen Lam (Canada)
The Curse of Willow Song follows the titular Willow Song fending for herself on the unforgiving streets of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside after serving for arson. With the fates seemingly conspiring against her, she’s thrown a lifeline by a figure from her past.

Via Deadline