Fubar 2 - Terra Hazelton and Andy Sparacino

Terra Hazelton
& Andy Sparacino of Fubar 2

Last month during the film festival, we had a chance to chat with Terra Hazelton and Andy Sparacino, two of the stars of Fubar 2. Hazelton plays Trish, a strip club waitress with a heart of gold and Terry’s love interest. Those familiar with the first Fubar film will know Sparacino — who played Terry and Dean’s old friend and “party leader” Tron — a role that he reprises in the sequel. We talk Fubar 2, music, LARPing and World of Warcraft, and even have enough time to shotgun a few beers.

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Be sure to read Noah’s full review of the film here.

Fubar 2 is in theatres across Canada now.

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