Jess Franco’s BARBED WIRE DOLLS in TORONTO – Presented by Vagrancy Films –

In the spirit of good old fashion pro-wrestling and after school duke fest’s please allow Vagrancy to say…”HEY TORONTO WE ARE CALLING YOUR ASS OUT !!!”

Smaller markets such as Saskatoon and lame ol’ London Ontario have been kicking your arse when it comes to exploitation attendance

This was the primary reason I was very reluctant to screen BWD in your city but the impressive “SCREEN DOLLS IN TORONTO” Facebook page, and multiple… personal emails finally swayed me to let this Jess masterpiece hit the light of the projector beam.

Maria (Lina Romay) is sentenced to prison for life for killing her father that attempted to rape her. She is sent to a special section of the jail known for it’s cruel and sadistic treatment of prisoners. The wardress (Monica Swinn) is a sadistic lesbian who knows no mercy and takes pleasure in her job. Maria seduces a male nurse in order to spring an escape from the hellhole and try to make a break for freedom.


This print is 100% Uncut version that caused over 12 people to walk out in London Ontario hanging their heads in shame.

Saskatoon didn’t fare much better with the promoter receiving death threats from several feminist groups and botched attempt to shut down the venue’s hydro during show time.

WTF will go down at the UNDERGROUND ? You tell me ? Limited Uncensored Dolls Posters will be given out to the first 30 freaks that purchase advanced tickets @ EYESORE CINEMA. (Tickets go on sale Oct 21)

Vagrancy Films , Toronto Underground and Eyesore Cinema Present
a film by Jess Franco
BARBED WIRE DOLLS – 35mm Print + Filthy Rotten “Run to the Exit” Trailer Reel
Friday November 19th 2010 – 9:30 PM
Restricted Event – Adults Only – Must be over 18
$10.00 Tickets on Sale @ Eyesore Cinema


Facebook Event Page

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