Toronto Underground Cinema

The Rep Review

While an intriguing and heart wrenching look at the Toronto Underground Cinema, its day to day operations, and sadly eventual closure, the documentary The Rep sometimes gets bogged down by trying to place the cinema into part of a greater dialogue about the state of repertory cinemas around the world.

Interview: Morgan White

As Morgan White's documentary The Rep - which looks at the lifespan of the Toronto Underground Cinema, the people who ran it, and the current state of reparatory cinema in general - gets set for it's Toronto premiere this Wednesday night, we sit down with the director to talk about how the film evolved from a web series, his travels to other theatres, and how hard it was to let the film go when he stopped filming and things at the Underground started to get worse

The Rep Readies for Release

Nearly a year after completion and more than several months after the closure of its subject - the Toronto Underground Cinema - filmmaker Morgan White's ode to old school cinemas The Rep will finally be coming to theatres that can book it for free and keep 100% of what it makes. We talked to White on the day of his announcement to get his thoughts and ask him why.

Interview: Remake/Remodel Curator John Semley

Few things make filmgoers shudder more than the word “remake.” For years, audiences have been treated to reheated, recast, and reimagined versions of past films, both classics and otherwise. John Semley, Chief Editor for the Onion AV Club’s Toronto branch, aims to create a broader dialogue and discussion surrounding remakes with a new screening series at the Toronto Underground Cinema titled “Remake/Remodel,” where local film writers will present two sides of the same cinematic coin.

Gamercamp LV 3 Launches This Weekend

Toronto’s video game community will gather this weekend for Gamercamp LV 3, a mishmash of panel discussions, demos, game jams and social events that is growing almost as exponentially as the local community itself. As part of Gamercamp, The ‘Shelf has partnered with Toronto After Dark to present the "Full Motion Video" film program.

Toronto After Dark 2011 Top Picks

The sixth annual Toronto After Dark Film Festival kicked off last night at the Toronto Underground Cinema with not one, but two screenings of the horror-wrestling film Monster Brawl. Toronto After Dark showcases some of the best and most off-beat genre cinema from around the world - from horror and sci-fi, to action, cult and everything in between. Here are a few noteworthy titles playing this year that we think are worth checking out.


SEPTEMBER 28, 2011: Final 10 Films include Ti West’s INNKEEPERS! Lucky McKee’s WOMAN! Two World Premieres and More! Toronto After Dark Film Festival is THRILLED to officially announce its FINAL WAVE of exciting new Horror, Sci-Fi, Action, and Cult feature film selections that will screen at the festival’s 6th Annual Event this October 20-27, 2011! […]

Toronto After Dark ’11:
Eight Films Announced

The Toronto After Dark Film Festival has announced the first wave of feature films slated for this year's event. The Canadian genre fest features some of the best and most off-beat horror, sci-fi, action and cult cinema from around the world. Hit the jump to see the line-up!

Star Trek Day TO

Sponsored by the Silver Snail Star Trek Day TO, a Nerd Mafia collaborative extravaganza that celebrates everything Star Trek, will be hosted at the Toronto Underground Cinema on October 02, 2011. Why Star Trek? Star Trek represents a hopeful vision of the future — a future that promotes collaboration, inclusiveness and responsibility. Celebrating Star Trek […]