Mighty Fight Federation Announced

From local developer Komi Games, a new game inspired by ever-missed Power Stone is in the works.

Launching on Steam Early Access later this year, the multiplayer arena brawler is shaping up nicely. Komi games previously worked on ports of Fossil Hunters and Halcyon 6, the studio’s next game is Mighty Fight Federation.

In the vast reaches of space there lies a being of incredible cosmic power known only as Hyperion. Wielding the ability to bend reality to his will, he has collected the hypest warriors from across the multiverse. His goal? To pit them against each other in the universe’s most electrifying pay-per-view event: The Mighty Fight Federation!

From the looks of the trailer, the inspiration stems from classic brawlers like Power Stone, where each character comes with a distinct fighting style. There is also a “hype” mechanic to “zone, evade, counter and play mind-games with your opponents.”


Learn the truth behind Hyperion’s plans in Story Mode, experience “what if” endings in Arcade Mode, and get good with character-specific tutorials and Training Mode. Play with up to four players locally and online! Featuring a roster of 11 characters, each with a distinct style, you’ll throw explosives, rush in and beat down opponents.

We’ll keep an eye on Mighty Fight Federation as it goes into Steam Early Access. Expect to see the game next year on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.