Mighty Muggs: These Toys Will be The Death of Me

I have been collecting toys and comics for most of my life.  While I have been able to collect entire series of comics, the same cannot be said for toys.  I would start with a series that I thought was really cool, but before too long I would get bored and move on.  I have shelves full of toys from movies, comics and video games, but none of them are a complete series.  Then I saw them. I thought for sure this would be the series that would finally break my pattern of not following through with my collecting.

Star Wars Mighty Muggs Round 1

It started innocently enough.  They were cute and chunky and reminded me of my childhood in a way no other toy line had been able to do.  I picked them up and took them home and made room for them on one of my shelves.  They were the first wave of the Star Wars Mighty Muggs and each one of them had their own spot among the rest of my toy collection.  Boba Fett glared at Han Solo, while Chewbacca covertly aimed his crossbow in protection of his friend.  The lone Stormtooper looked a bit awkward though, with his gleaming white suit and no one issuing orders, however it wouldn’t be long before they had company.

Star Wars Mighty Muggs Round 2

The next wave arrived, and with it confusion.  I wasn’t sure why they would make a figure of Mace Windu before Princess Leia, it seemed to me that she should be one of the first figures issued.  Instead, she showed up in the third wave along with Lando Calrissian and two others I was not expecting: Jango Fett and Commander Cody.  Commander Cody who was that? I had to look him up to even figure out who he was.  I was beginning to feel like I’d been tricked into buying them because of how cool the first wave was and started thinking that maybe I should stop.  Then I remembered that I wanted to finish at least one toy line and I knew I was doomed.

Star Wars Mighty Muggs Round 3

The figures were expanding weekly and I was running out of room for them.  Not only was I buying these things without knowing who they were or what part they played in which movie, I was becoming obsessed with making sure I had all of them.  After the sixth wave, I had 26 of these guys on top of my kitchen cupboards.  It got to a point where I had to get risers so that I could see each one.  And then things got weird: I decided to organize them according to which movie they appeared, beginning with The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones and finishing off with Return of the Jedi.  There was some bickering as to where Asajj Ventress should go, since she wasn’t in any of the movies, so I ended up pairing her with Clone Wars Anakin.  I’m still unsure about that decision.


Star Wars Mighty Muggs Round 4

I have run out of room and I also have run out of patience.  There is no Slave Leia, or Jabba the Hutt or even a Padme.  There isn’t even a Tauntaun either, despite the fact that there are both Luke and Han in Hoth gear and a Wampa!  I am done with these figures.  I cannot invest any more time, energy or money collecting these toys.  I have 32 of them sitting on top of my kitchen cupboards and are a constant source of entertainment for my friends.  Enough is enough; I am officially throwing in the towel and not going to finish this toy line either.  I give up.

Oh no.  I just found Bossk and Biggs Darklighter.

And those are just the Star Wars Mighty Muggs!  Hasbro also makes Marvel Universe, Transformers, G.I. Joe and Indiana Jones Might Muggs.

Check out the Official Mighty Muggs Site.


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