Star Wars: The Old Republic Behind-the-Scenes Video

BioWare and LucasArts have released a behind-the-scenes video for their upcoming massively multiplayer role playing game Star Wars: The Old Republic.  The new video showcases actual gameplay for the first time, and gives an behind-the-scenes look at the recording of dialogue for the game.

After playing EVE Online and Age of Conan, I promised myself that I was finished with MMORPG’s.  They’re too much of a time sink, even for a casual player like me.  I was seriously let down by the last Star Wars MMO, Galaxies, and I don’t want to be burned again.  That being said, BioWare is making this game; I don’t think they ever intended to make a cookie cutter MMO game.  By what I’ve seen in this video, I may just lift my self-imposed ban on massively multiplayer games.  Please don’t suck.

Via Joystiq

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