Netflix Acquires Sundance Hit: The 40-Year-Old Version

Beats, Rhymes, and Life

Writer-director Radha Blank’s Sundance hit, The 40-Year-Old Version is coming to Netflix.

After premiering two weeks ago in Park City, Blank’s hilarious hip-hop flavoured dramedy made a strong impression on critics and audiences alike. Last Saturday night, The 40-Year-Old Version won Sundance’s Directing Award-U.S. Dramatic. Not bad for an indie filmmaker’s first feature.

Netflix stated that the film will arrive in theatres and on their streaming service later this year. I loved watching this gorgeous black and white love letter to New York on the big screen. Still, I’m more excited for the film to become available to the streaming giant’s millions of global subscribers.

The 40-Year-Old Version’s writer, director, and star, Radha Blank, had this to say:


It took years of trying to get this film made. It’s my love letter to NY and its struggling artists as well as the NY artistic institutions that raised me – Hip Hop and Theater. I made this film in the spirit of the great NY auteurs who came before me but from an angle not often seen. I’m so very proud of the artisans, many from New York, who helped me craft this movie with such loving and capable hands. As a new member of the Netflix family, I’m excited about the global audience that this film will reach. I hope it will spark the next generation of fearless filmmakers in ANY part of the world. I’m thrilled that this came together with Netflix.

The 40-Year-Old Version is hands down one of the best films that I screened at Sundance 2020. The movie is laugh out loud funny (not chuckling on the inside funny) and features some bangin’ original hip-hop music that will make your head nod. But most importantly, the movie is charming, thoughtful, and bursting at the seams with Blank’s larger-than-life personality.

You can check out That Shelf’s full review here.

The 40-Year-Old Version synopsis:

Nearing 40 and still struggling as a playwright, frustrated New Yorker Radha turns to a different kind of stage, awakening a rapper alter-ego named RadhaMUSprime. As her revitalized artistic voice blossoms, Radha must learn to juggle her two personas—and two unique New York art scenes. In her debut feature, writer-director Radha Blank plays the deeply personal lead role, a magnetic presence with a unique perspective, creating a film that is a fresh addition to the New York City slice-of-life canon.

The 40-Year-Old Version will be in theaters and on Netflix later this year.