HBO Game of Thrones

New Trailer for HBO’s Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones - Daenerys - Emilia Clarke

HBO unleashed a new trailer for their upcoming fantasy series Game of Thrones today. Based on the novels of George R. R. Martin, Thrones revolves around the medieval world of Westeros, a turbulent kingdom where the ruling houses vie for control of the coveted Iron Throne.  The show boasts an amazing cast that includes fantasy vet Sean Bean (Lord of the Rings), Lena Headey (300, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles), Peter Dinklage (The Station Agent) and HBO alum Aiden Gillen ( The Wire).

One of the things that made the original novels so great were the distinct lack of recognizable fantasy elements, and the television series promises the same thing. Viewers skeptical of the genre should take heart; Game of Thrones does not feature hobbits, elves, dwarves or orcs. Dragons did exist once, but are now extinct, while magic is relegated to superstition and history. What Thrones does offer is compelling human drama, political intrigue, sex, violence and war. Now who can’t relate to those things?

Game of Thrones premieres on HBO and HBO Canada April 17th 2011.