OITNB - Season 3 Episode 5

Orange in the New Black: Re-watching by the Numbers

Are you ready to binge Orange is the New Black? Netflix knows you are and have been taking stock of your viewing habits. Looks like us Orange fans are repeat offenders.

Apparently there are 53% of you that have re-watched at least one full season since it’s debut in 2013.

Personally, I love re-watching the third season most because Pennsatucky and Boo are my favourite characters and I relish watching their relationship bloom. Also, the first episode of the season, “Mother’s Day” is in humble opinion the best episode of the series to date. If you don’t recall, be like 23% of Canadian fans and go back and wait for the scene between Penn and Boo. Funny, sad, topical, with that Jenji Kohan trenchant style.

Are you re-watching the past seasons in anticipation of the release June 17th? You are not alone. I’m told, through the methodologies that be, Netflix has deduced that 42% of us Canadian folk plan on re-watching all three season before the season 4 launch.


Are you re-watching to see Suzanne’s character arch, from just the “Crazy Eyes” one-dimensional character to fully fleshed out Time Hump Chronicle author. If she’s your favourite character? If so, then you are part of the one-third of folks re-watching to relive moments with their most beloved characters.


Apparently you Orange fans would be willing to give up your chores to re-watch. With 41% of you living in filth and not cleaning your house, and 38% of you lying languid in messy sheets as you neglect to make your beds.

From the 30% of you watching for possible foreshadowing, maybe to see if Alex Vauss is truly going to die in season four? Or just because it’s your favourite show like 28% of you, it looks like a lot of us are watching it all over again all by our lonesome. It looks like I’m with the 32% who prefer to watch it again in privacy. I don’t have any shame that I snuggle in to my bed — sheets strewn about from neglect — for a night by myself: chuckling at the witty banter throughout the entire series, shaking my head at the violence and injustice that reaches its peak in season two and three, and enjoying the steamy love scenes most reserved for season one.

Wherever you lie in these statistics, Orange Is the New Black is back Friday June 17th and you should 100% check out my binge-a-caps, the recaps brought to you in the lightening speed we’ll all be ripping through the next season. We might have re-watched it alone, but we can mull over the newest drama behind bars together.