Planet in Focus 2014: On the Trail of the Far Fur Country Review

On the Trail of the Far Fur Country

On the Trail of the Far Fur Country shows us the unique qualities of the Great White North while recreating the footage that was thought to be lost a very long time ago.

95 years ago in 1919, a film crew set out to capture the day to day life of fur traders in Arctic Canada travelling by icebreaker, canoe and dogsled in order to ply their trade. The results of this six month journey were shown in the silent documentary, The Romance of the Far Fur Country in 1920, years before the iconic film Nanook of the North.  Recently unearthed in a London Film Archive, director Kevin Nikkel sets out to recreate the journey some of which was lost ages ago.

It’s relevant to today and historically fascinating all at the same time.  Through a variety of different subjects and intercutting the original movie with footage Nikkel shot, we get a genuine, realistic glimpse into the heritage of native people who live in the North, and a fascinating portrait of business, commerce and life in the north during the early days of Canadian confederation.


It’s a nice slice of Canadian history that we don’t hear enough about. (Dave Voigt)


Saturday, November 8th, 6:00pm, AGO Jackman Hall

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