Planet in Focus 2014

This Week at The Bloor: 11/7/14

This week, The Bloor offers films looking at the ethical and legal problems of security certificates in The Secret Trial 5 and misunderstood urban communities in Slums: Cities of Tomorrow.

Planet in Focus 2014: Dark Side of the Chew Review

The Dark Side of the Chew The Dark Side of the Chew, if you couldn’t tell by its title, is a documentary that’s not short on self-aware humour, yet in the process does not undermine the sincerity of its intentions. It explores the impact of chewing gum – yes, chewing gum–on our culture, and its perceived […]

Planet in Focus 2014: Living on the Edge Review

Living on the Edge A collaboration between journalist Susan Woodfine and photographer Joan Sullivan, Living on the Edge takes a look at the effects of climate change via the lives affected in Northern Quebec along the edge of the Lower Saint Lawrence Gulf. Following a massive high tide surge in December of 2010, local residents […]

Planet in Focus 2014: Honour Your Word

Honour Your Word Since 1991, the Algonquin of Barriere Lake (about four hours North of Ottawa) have been fighting a vital battle for their land and their rights, as outlined in Martha Steigman’s slightly overlong, but powerful look at governmental abuse of authority and trust. Forced already into living on a 59 acre reserve and […]

Planet in Focus 2014: Trick or Treaty? Review

Trick or Treaty? ”In 2013 our people still have to do drastic measures in order to get acknowledged” is one of the painful truths stated in Canadian filmmaker Alanis Obomsawin’s newest exploration of the hardships faced by Canada’s oft abused Aboriginal peoples. Sadly, Trick or Treaty? would benefit from some of that radicalism, as the lack of […]

Planet in Focus 2014: Just Eat It: A Food Waste Story Review

Just Eat It: A Food Waste Story Finally, a food advocacy stunt documentary where people not only immediately regret their project, but one that actually delivers a clear, coherent, easily agreeable thesis without seeming didactic or menacing. Grant Baldwin and Jenny Rustemeyer outdo their previous look at waste (The Clean Bin Project) with this funny […]