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Shelf Pick: Chasing Valentine Blu-ray

The log line for this week’s Shelf Pick Chasing Valentine is “Happy endings are overrated.” After over year of lockdowns and quarantines during this interminable pandemic, we’re almost inclined to agree. Big mood, as the kids might say.

Still reeling from the death of his girlfriend and in a deep funk, Chase (Adam Langton), takes a job editing adult movies. It’s on the job that he befriends Valentine (Gwenlyn Cumyn), a call girl who works under the various personas she has created for herself and her clients. As the pair become unlikely friends, Chase slowly gets pulled into the dark and seedy world of Valentine’s profession.

Directed by Navin Ramaswaran, Chasing Valentine is a suspenseful drama anchored by two strong lead performances – it’s also an unusual take on cinematic Toronto. If you’re looking for a great indie escape, this one might be for you. Watch the trailer below:

Chasing Valentine trailer:



Chasing Valentine synopsis:

Chase (Adam Langton) is a man who is losing his struggle to come to terms with the tragic loss of someone close to him. Time slips away as he barely exists, spending most of his days at his mind numbing job of editing adult movies. Circumstances lead him to meet a girl named Valentine (Gwenlyn Cumyn), who is definitely not your average call girl. Of course, she has a rather dark past and before he knows it, Chase in involved with not only Valentine but all the skeletons in her closet as well.

Chasing Valentine is available on major VOD platforms and on a limited edition Blu-ray & DVD release on March 23.

Chasing Valentine Blu-ray