Circle of Steel

Shelf Pick: Circle of Steel Trailer

There’s no question that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed our society. An outgrowth of the ongoing global crisis is that it’s made people question – or at least re-examine – their career choices and priorities in life. With mass layoffs and joblessness a new reality for many, the jobs that we do and how we balance them with our personal lives has taken on a new, more important focus.

That new paradigm is part of what makes filmmaker Gillian McKercher’s dark comedy Circle of Steel feel so poignant and relatable. Set against the backdrop of the Canadian oil and gas industry, Circle of Steel is a portrait of life in the field for a group of misfits. How do you square working a job that’s not personally rewarding and may be doing more harm than good? Why are you working in an industry that makes you question your own beliefs?

Watch the Circle of Steel trailer below:

Here’s the official Circle of Steel synopsis:


Amidst a crash in oil and gas prices, chemical engineer Wendy Fong (Chantelle Han) is new to Paloma North and unsure of the future she worked so hard for. As rumours of layoffs begin to circulate in her small, isolated team, her monotonous routine crumbles, giving way to ambivalence. Long days in the field and long nights alone begin to take their toll. With support, and often-questionable guidance from her coworkers, Wendy must navigate personal ethics and corporate interest within Canada’s most controversial industry.

Circle of Steel Wendy (Chantelle Han)

The film stars Chantelle Han, Duncan Ollrenshaw, Tina Lameman, Andrea Perry, Cliff Liknes, Brent Zulyniak, Peter Skagen, Meg Farhall, Bernard Starlight, Katey Doucette, Christian Goutsis, and Dawn Van De Schoot

Circle of Steel will be available on iTunes, Google Play (US & Canada), Amazon Video, Direct TV, and iNDEMAND (US) TVOD October 6th.