Québexit Trailer: Sharp Political Satire

Today we’re checking out the trailer for writer-director Joshua Demers’ multi-lingual political satire, Québexit. The story occurs a month after Québec’s separatists barely squeak out a provincial referendum win. Taking place on a small road at the Québec-New Brunswick border, Québexit examines the mounting tensions between anglophones, Québécois Francophones, and Indigenous people. Québexit trailer: Demers […]

CUFF 2021: Itchy Fingers Review

While there are flashes of nuance and originality, anchored by Zachary Shultz’s captivating performance, Anna Nilles and Marco Jake's Itchy Fingers ends up muddled by its own cleverness.

Cup of Cheer Red Band Trailer

A movie genre only truly arrives when it receives the full spoof treatment. The Hallmark Holiday movie finally gets its answer to Scary Movie and The Naked Gun to with Cup of Cheer.

Shelf Pick: Circle of Steel Trailer

There’s no question that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed our society. An outgrowth of the ongoing global crisis is that it’s made people question – or at least re-examine – their career choices and priorities in life. With mass layoffs and joblessness a new reality for many, the jobs that we do and how we […]

The Hunt Review: Settle Down, America

On the surface, The Hunt seems like the straight-forward hack 'em ups like The Purge, but director Craig Zobel (Z for Zachariach, Homestar Runner) has a little more on his mind.

Johnny English Reborn Review

Johnny English Reborn is a film that will become seminal when speaking about forgettable films and sequels no one asked for. Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo and The Odd Couple II almost have more reasons to exist than this film. While those superfluous follow-ups strike out on huge levels, JE2 is simply a bore from start to finish with little to redeem it and little effort shown on the part of the filmmakers.

TIFF 2010
I’m Still Here Review

When Joaquin Phoenix announced he was retiring from acting to pursue a music career in 2008, people were right to be suspicious. Even if substance abuse or mental health issues had been involved, the actor's transformation from clean-cut talent to aloof hobo-chic seemed too drastic and too sudden to stomach. It was sad to see a person self-destruct so publicly, but we watched him do it anyways, and that's where the brilliance of Casey Affleck's mockumentary I'm Still Here comes in.