Matreya Scarrwener in Shall We Play

Shelf Pick: Shall We Play? Trailer

We’ve all seen that look on someone’s face when they’re engrossed in their phone, scrolling social media, playing a game, or using an app. Disinterested, eyes glazed over, and hard to reach. In most cases it’s nothing more than a simple distraction, but as we all know sometime our favourite apps can border on addiction. But what if that distracted look was the result of something more sinister, something like possession?

That’s one of the questions the new horror thriller Shall We Play? asks its viewers after its troubled teenage protagonist downloads an app meant to be a spooky escape and soon finds herself possessed by the game. The film, directed by Ann Forry, stars Matreya Scarrwener (Imaginary Mary) as Stacy, an anxious teen suffering from nightmares who’s looking for a much needed distraction after many sleepless nights.

Shall We Play? trailer:

Shall We Play? synopsis:


A troubled teenage girl downloads a new app, ‘Shall We Play?’ in an attempt to heal her past, but it unconsciously possesses her into the game.

Shall We Play? is available on major VOD platforms on May 25.

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