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Star Wars Episode IX Title Reveal: Balance of the Force?

Is the most obvious title the right one for Episode IX?

In just a few hours we’ll finally find out what the title of the final film in the Skywalker saga is to be. There have been hints of late that it’s tied to lines of dialogue from The Phantom Menace (a moniker that’s still an exquisite throwback to 30s serials, despite the unfounded derision of the film by many).


The concept of finding balance was key to the entire Prequel ethos, with Anakin unable to fulfill his supposed prophecy. If the storyline is leading to not only the death of the Sith but the death of the Jedi order as traditionally construed in favour of a “middle way”, to borrow from Zen philosophy, we may be treated to ambiguity between the dark and light. Expect talk of “Gray Jedi”, where the powers of both dark and light (or, in today’s political age, right and left) find consensus and common ground instead of war, embracing multiple colours of the spectrum instead of diametrical sides.

Plus, I guess some people will worry about Snoke.

Anyway, there’s one prediction, what’s yours? I mean, I would take this instead:



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