TAD 2016: The Lure Review

Polish horror musical The Lure, directed by Agnieszka Smoczynska is all skin and glitter, with no substance, much like its protagonists. 

“Silver” and “Golden”, named for the colour of their hair, are flesh-eating mermaids that may be enslaved to a nightclub. The nightclub is populated with more than one douche male, and the idea appears to be that the women are employed (or enslaved) in order to please the men, who apparently get their pleasure watching naked mermaids gyrate. Silver and Golden navigate the environment of this nightclub and decide what to do about the men that they come across.

The attraction of the show, as it were, would be the naked girls. Silver and Golden spend the majority of the film topless and engage in the occasional make-out session with each other. You could read this as kinky liberation, or as child prostitution – especially when you notice that despite being fully developed women, Silver and Golden are clueless when it comes to how the real world operates. They could have the sexuality of say 25-year-olds but the social awareness of a pre-teen. I don’t feel that the film does enough to question this dynamic or the constant sleaze that is thrown at us in the 90 minute running time.

Characters are routinely introduced only to disappear shortly thereafter, and, while there is gore, there seems to be little consequence for the characters involved. There are two memorable moments, however: a tracking shot across the mermaids’ adoptive family and their small home, and the ending of the film, which showcases Silver and Golden’s far too limited and impotent understanding of the world around them.


Despite awesome special effects, gratuitous nudity, gallons of gore, and a fable about the loss of nymph-like innocence in a hard, cruel world, this film was far too shallow for me to dive into.

*Accessibility Note: many characters look the same in the dim lighting of the nightclub scenes making some scenes difficult to follow for anyone with impaired sight

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