Brad Dryborough

TIFF 2014: Songs She Wrote About People She Knows Review

Songs She Wrote About People She Knows Discovery The solo feature filmmaking debut for Vancouver’s Kris Elgstrand – one of the directors of hilariously surreal 2011 TIFF entry Doppelganger Paul – is a similarly off kilter comedy about how everyone has a song in their heart and how sometimes people should learn that they just […]

Doppelganger Paul Review

At one time or another, most of us have heard an acquaintance say “I swear I saw your doppelgänger the other day, this guy/girl looked exactly like you.” Or perhaps you’ve been that apparent “doppelgänger” and were mistaken for someone else. However it’s rare that we ever spot someone whom we consider to be our own double, which is the premise of Doppelgänger Paul, an offbeat Canadian comedy with a darkly dry humour that blindsides the viewer at its best moments.

TIFF 2011 Picks Part Three: Hidden Gems

Lost in a sea of major Hollywood releases and hyped international films are the hidden gems of the Toronto International Film Festival. Andrew Parker has picked three films that are defintely not your typical fare, but that he believes are nonetheless worthy of your time and attention.