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Molly Maxwell Review

Two excellent leading performances and assured direction help the high school set, Lolita-styled drama Molly Maxwell rise well above its overly chaste and predictable screenplay.

Hit N’ Strum Review

The narrative is kind of sloppy and it's not very well assembled, but the Canadian drama Hit N' Strum does succeed at being a crowd pleaser that definitely has its heart in the right place at all times.

Interview: Sudz Sutherland

We talk to veteran TV director Sudz Sutherland about his latest big screen effort Home Again, and about what realness and the concept of “home” means to him, the vast research that went into the film, some of his unexpected casting choices, and his thoughts on how the current hot button issue of Bill C-43 might only make things worse for deportees.

Interview: Sean Garrity

We talk to Winnipeg born and current Toronto area filmmaker Sean Garrity about his dueling projects at the beginning of this year (with the award winning My Awkward Sexual Adventure and this weekend's Blood Pressure), suburban malaise, collaborating with actors, his working relationship with writer and actor Jonas Chernick, and what draws him to films about fledgling relationships.

Interview: Brett Heard

We talk with writer, director, and former stand-up Brett Heard about his latest project, the Canadian made bachelor party comedy Stag, and assembling a cast of comic veterans to make a more realistic and character based look at what a drunken night of debauchery actually looks like.

Inch’Allah Review

Former documentary filmmaker Anais Barbeau-Lavalette's fictional feature Inch'Allah might refuse to take a side in the Israeli-Palestine conflict, but its a lot stronger for doing so. It's even handed, fair, tragic, and ultimately extremely effective.

Laurence Anyways Review

With his best film to date, Quebecois wunderkind Xavier Dolan still doesn't overcome his excessive love of style, but he assuredly makes his mark as a masterful storyteller in the lengthy Laurence Anyways.

TIFF 2012: Short Cuts Canada

We take an in depth look at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival's Short Cuts Canada programmes, which often showcase talent well worth keeping a close eye on.