Dark Horse

Star Wars #1 Review

We've got a good feeling about this. Star Wars #1 kicks off a new, ongoing series that sees a galaxy far, far away back under the Marvel Comics banner.

Thought Bubble: A Letter to Men in Comics

A woman in comics critiqued a comic book cover. She suffered threats of physical violence and rape for her troubles. What part of that seems like a pattern we should keep ignoring?

VEIL #1 Review

Greg Rucka and Tony Fejzula's VEIL offers a completely unique hero to root for in this Dark Horse series coming March 5th.

Ghost: In the Smoke and Din Review

Ghost: In the Smoke and Din comes out July 31 and we recommend it for its well-paced and well-plotted story, believable characters, and clean expressive artwork.

Dark Horse Review

The almost surreal man-child comedy/drama Dark Horse from divisive director Todd Solondz almost becomes his most accessible film since Welcome to the Dollhouse. Almost.

TCAF 2011 Review: Dr. McNinja: Night Powers

My opinion of webcomics is about the same: anything with a continuous thread more than five panels long gets on my nerves. Thankfully, Dark Horse Books has been compiling some of the most prolific webcomics into hefty printed volumes, the latest of which is Christopher Hastings’ The Adventures of Dr. McNinja: Night Powers, which debuted at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival.