VEIL #1 Review

veilGreg Rucka (Lazarus, Queen and Country) and Toni Fejzula (Cthulu) have teamed to create Veil, the first creator owned miniseries for Rucka at Dark Horse Comics. While the official synopsis is very cut and dry, the first issue is anything but. Veil is an eerily gorgeous woman who wakes up nude in an abandoned subway station with no recollection of how she got there, a haphazard vocabulary, and more than a few surprises in store. Rucka is credited with writing some of the strongest portrayals of female characters in comics but perhaps more accurately, he writes interesting, varied people. Strength and gender are simply two parts of the fascinating whole of his diverse female characters, and Veil is no exception. She’s an utter mystery, both to readers and herself. Her speech patterns are mesmerizing, lulling readers into a calm rhythm of rhymes until a stray phrase triggers the realization that something’s gone awry with her word associations. It’s simultaneously calming and spooky, a great juxtaposition that matches her appearance.

Even though she could easily be described as a “knockout” and spends the majority of the book nude, Veil’s appearance never struck me as sexualized until other characters introduce that complication. This is a testament to Fejzula’s art and his ability to tread the line between haunting and beautiful, depending on what the scene calls for. His style is unabashedly unique: expressive character’s faces are composed of stylized shadows, and are sometimes softened, sometimes harshened by a colour palette that adapts to both location and the underlying mood of each scene. With a stunning cover featuring Veil sitting amongst her rat pals, Fejzula’s art ensures the book will stand out on shelves filled with more of the same superhero stories. There are lots of great comics out there filled with caped crusaders, but if you’re looking for something different from your heroes, let Veil take you on trip-slip-don’t lose your grip.

VEIL #1 is on sale March 5 and available for pre-order at your local comic book store. Comments? Leave them below or tweet them to @fred42.

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