Elizabeth Shue

House at the End of the Street Review

The good news about House at the End of the Street is that it’s not the aggressive swell of haunted house horror clichés that the trailers promised. Nope, this is actually somewhat of a traditional thriller that has more in common with a certain Hitchcock movie than it does with the latest direct-to-DVD genre rehash. Unfortunately, it’s not a very good thriller and the suspense/scares are doled out in such a dreary “slow burn” way that about as much time is spent developing a “battle of the bands” subplot as building up dread or atmosphere.

The New Old: Sowing Season

This week, our archival DVD column looks at various stages of growing up with looks at Good Will Hunting, High Fidelity, and Adventures in Babysitting, and a look at the volatile nature of change in The Proposition.