Emile Hirsch

Lone Survivor Review

As far as wartime sagas go, Peter Berg’s Lone Survivor is certainly a technical marvel and it’s nothing if not genuine at heart, but as a film it’s far too underdeveloped and misguided to really have any impact.

Prince Avalanche Review

David Gordon Green’s Prince Avalanche feels as warm as reading a great short story. There isn’t a heck of a lot going on in terms of a plot, nor does there particularly need to be. It's a reminder of how great an actor Paul Rudd can be, and it might contain Emile Hirsch's best performance yet.

This “Week” in DVD: 12/18/12

With films coming to home video two days this week (Tuesday and Friday) here's part one of our look at the latest releases including Beasts of the Southern Wild, Killer Joe, Total Recall, Premium Rush, and Arbitrage.

Killer Joe Review

It certainly can't be recommended for everybody, but for keen viewers familiar with a stomach for pitch black humour and a cast of irredeemable characters, William Friedkin and Tracy Letts' Killer Joe might be one of the best movies of the year.