Father’s Day

Shelf Help: Who’s Your Daddy?

Father’s Day can cause a lot of mixed feelings, because fathers, and family in general, can elicit a slew of mixed feelings. But for all of their complications, there are just as many versions of dads on screen. Today we asked our Shelfers: Which on-screen dad reminds you of your off-screen dad?   Jefferson Davis: […]

Jacob Kane’s Feminist Fatherhood

Kate Kane repeatedly credits her father, Colonel Jacob Kane, for the empowerment necessary to find her strength, her purpose. Pulling lessons in integrity and how to “soldier on” from the man who found a way to remain protective of his daughter without disrespecting her autonomy and individuality. Paternalism without patronizing.

Toronto After Dark ’11:
Eight Films Announced

The Toronto After Dark Film Festival has announced the first wave of feature films slated for this year's event. The Canadian genre fest features some of the best and most off-beat horror, sci-fi, action and cult cinema from around the world. Hit the jump to see the line-up!