This Week in DVD: 3/6/12

Footloose (2011, Craig Brewer): I guess if you’re going to remake an 80s cult classic that wasn’t much of a classic to begin with, Hustle and Flow director Brewer’s retelling of dance prohibition in a small Southern town would be the best way to go about it. Hitting all of the high notes fans of […]

Immortals Review

Director Tarsem Singh previously made two visually stunning, but incredibly boring and boneheaded films (The Cell, The Fall) before taking on his latest film Immortals. Undoubtedly talented when it comes to visuals, his latest film somehow manages to rank as the least of his efforts, but not for lack of trying. Whereas his past efforts have been ambitious failures, there simply isn’t anything in this sword and sandals epic that hasn’t been done before, or better, hundreds of times before.