James Gilbert

Interview: Christopher MacBride & Aaron Poole

We talk to writer-director Christopher MacBride and actor Aaron Poole about crafting the paranoid Canadian made thriller The Conspiracy about blending real conspiracy theories within the frameworks of both an old school thriller and a found footage film, how the internet’s wealth of information shaped the film, how conspiracy theories are like religions, playing characters searching for the truth, a general mistrust of people in suits, and [REDACTED].


It's that time again! We've another great contest for our readers in Toronto. Dork Shelf wants to send five lucky winners and their guests to see a screening of the Canadian indie thriller The Corridor in Toronto on Friday, May 18th at 9:00 PM at the Projection Booth Cinema!

The Corridor Review

While the idea of four childhood friends retreating to a messed up weekend in cottage country might sound like the set up for a dull slasher film at best and a remake of the notorious Stephen King misstep Dreamcatcher at worst, the Canadian indie horror The Corridor stands on its own as a cracking character study and genuinely ambitious psychodrama about the shared effects of mental illness on even the best of friends.